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Hey you- Code master! We have Good news for you!

We need one more person to join our team that currently consists of 3 developers in Lithuania and 4 in Finland that is supporting our work until we will ramp up the whole super equipped team in Vilnius.

I joined the team as the first developer here in Lithuania half a year ago and must say that it has been a truly exciting experience- a roller-coaster of interesting challenges that we are overcoming here with the guys almost every day. Excellent atmosphere for work and self development, brainstorming sessions with beer, planning meetings in Helsinki, total freedom of ideas and initiatives, flexibility and trust among the team members and the business owner are just few things to mention why I feel that I found my type of company to work in. Or actually better say- to work With.

We are working on the products called Talent Blip and ¨Joberate¨: that are being created from scratch by us, involving the Finnish team and the business owner so no Big Hand from the universe telling us what and how we should do it. We are building it by using PHP and Symhony2 as a framework. Scrum working methodology is what we believe in and practice very successfully so far. Collaborative team, challenging project and the satisfaction that comes from the feeling that you are really making the difference here is what I feel is the best mixture of a cool geeky workplace.

Interested to talk more about this? Give us a shout on skype, LinkedIn, Twitter, email or in any other way that works best for you.

skype: antanaskoncius_work
twitter: @Joberate

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Senior developer | Joberate | Vilniuje Pilnas etatas

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