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| Mitchell Sovana | Los Angeles, CA, United States

We are a exciting and quick growing company and we are on a mission to improve
the lives of people. Our company has assisted thousands of folks over the
yrs to change their lives for the greater, so inturn we are searching for
Those who are passionate about aiding others. This is a perfect
part time or full-time opportunity for students or others wanting to
supplement their income within a exciting and inventive atmosphere. We offer
different shift hrs, flexible hours and a base, plus commission, and
bonus structure that will allow you to set your income!

Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
Ability to take notes in an organized manner a must
Attention to detail
Typing 35-50 wpm
Analytical abilities
Ability to perform in a team environment
Ability to work productively and successfully to meet deadlines and quotas
Representatives average $700 - $1400 a week Depending on Hours worked

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