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InstaRem is a large cross-border payments firm funded by Vertex Ventures, Fullerton Financial Holding and Rocket Internet. We have offices in Vilnius, Singapore, India, UK, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia. You will join a brand new and enthusiastic dev team in Vilnius.

Job description
You will be a rock-star Back-end developer in our office! You will solve the hardest scalability and performance issues and will mentor younger colleagues.

- Developing Front-end applications with complex user interfaces (ReactJS)
- Develop a highly modular system that embodies the separation of concern principle
- Consume Back-end APIs
- Fine-tune for different devices/browsers
- Implementation of security and data protection

- 3+ years of JavaScript Experience
- Experience building applications based on APIs.

Company Provides
- Friendly colleagues
- Brand new and modern office space
- Cutting edge JavaScript stack

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