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We are building teams in UK, LITHUANIA, USA, GERMANY, other countries.

Recruiting of new team members from a to z
• Documentation related to people management
• Job description development
• Placing job offers on multiple channels
• Participating in career events
• Selecting and interviewing candidates
• Developing contracts
• Hiring them (hiring process will not only be in Lithuania)

Developing existing team and people
• Trainings
• Motivation
• Internal events
• Creating team happiness

Creating company culture
• Communicating company values
• Internal team building events
• Internal communication

Problem solving
• Helping people with their challenges and problems, finding solutions

Achieving people related KPIs
• Helping people to achieve results
• Improving team members engagement

Onboarding people
• Helping people to find their place outside our company
• Managing ofboarding for team members

• Fluent English (written and spoken)
• High EQ
• Compassion and inclusiveness of people
• Meeting our company values (Curiosity, People, Flexibility, Persistence, Results, Speed, Focus, Integrity)
• Critical thinking and common sense
• Open-mindedness
• Flexibility and ability to cope well with changes

• Experience in people management
• Experience in tech company
• Understanding startup environment and ecosystem
• Higher education in Psychology
• You know Lithuanian (not mandatory)

• Career opportunities
• Might require to meet people abroad (for around 20%)
• Team of more than 20 amazing people

Some information about our company

In Brief:

+ We are a fast-growing tech startup
+ Our product mio is a smart, autonomous robot that is created to be around people in public spaces and has a distribution capacity inside.

Here are short videos about robot:

+ We have clients in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland & Lithuania.
+ Our clients are event agencies, marketing & PR agencies, FMCG brands
+ We have incorporated companies in the UK and in LT
+ More about us at our web page miorobots com
+ The job is in London, or Vilnius, Lithuania, working remotely is not an option. Also, your position will require to travel and meet clients abroad (for around 30%-50% of time, fully compensated)
+ The team in more than 13 amazing people working together on business development and tech
+ Great salary + bonuses + work tools that you need (Macbook, Phone if needed)
+ More details at our web page

+ We have won Best Startup Award 2016 by American Chamber of Commerce
+ We are alumni of Techstars Metro Accelerator 2017 (Metro is in TOP 10 biggest global retail groups, Techstars is #1 Technology accelerator in the world)
+ We have successfully finished Capsula Smart Accelerator in Israel and got grant from Israeli government (only 2 foreign startups were selected into the program)
+ We are working and preparing projects with Top Global Consumer goods companies like Heineken, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Mondelez, L’oreal, Nestle and others
+ We are a fast growing company and as a result we have already received 3 rounds of investments from angels, top global retailers, accelerators and governments
+ Most of it was achieved in 12 months tim

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