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| HITCONTRACT | Göteborg, Sweden

For our client, we are looking for a UX Designer

Job description:
We are looking for an experienced UX Designer to work with user experience workshop methods, design thinking workshops - uncovering user needs, defining new user journey’s, ideas and ultimately taking this information into a prototype that can realize some of the ideas gathered during the discovery and define work streams. You will join a small agile team that generates low to high fidelity wireframes to demonstrate compelling solutions.
• Define, plan, execute and deliver actionable insights and frameworks using both generative and evaluative research approaches.
• As an experienced UX designer you will plan, run and lead UX engagement using a variety of methods (Research, ideation workshops, persona creation, information architecture, user journey development, wireframe development, etc) and prioritize them according to schedule and opportunity constraints.
• Participating in the discovery of design thinking workshops, identifying common touchpoints, removing pain points and reducing friction. Eliminating complexities and crafting simplified solutions through research and recommendation.
• Identify the appropriate methods depending on different stages of the project lifecycle. Our approaches range from ethnographic research methods to rapid prototype testing to shaping A/B tests
• You will present daily outcomes of the workshop development to stakeholders to help create a deep understanding of the customer within the business and help create a culture of customer-centric design.
• End-to-end experience in all aspects of UX activities. There is a particular need to create beautiful, organized, consistent UX documentation
• Experience of using evaluative and generative, qualitative and quantitative UX methods ‘by the book’. Desire to understand where these can be adapted to fit into the Agile process
• Experienced working in Agile environment, feeding user research into design and development process within sprints. Ideally, with a proven track record of implementing UX process within Agile environment with quick iterative UX development
• Work closely with designers, developers, business analysts, product owners, product managers and other team members who are as passionate about their work as you are to ensure research has a significant contribution to the delivery of the service, consolidating research findings, often from multiple sources, into a short, concise, actionable story for partners and product teams.
• Communicating and disseminating research results, design explorations, tradeoff rationale, and documentation outputs in engaging ways appealing to different types of stakeholders, building rapport and value with the client through communication and engagement is a must. You practice self-awareness and strive to be your best self while finding common ground and building rapport with client and peers.
• Engage in the post-implementation analysis to support continual improvement and contribute further optimization recommendations.

Required skills:
• 8 year’s plus experience in a senior UX role
• Knowledge of design thinking approaches and methods
• Good communicator and good command of English, strong written and oral communication skills are an absolute must with an ability to present and summarise information to diverse audiences.
• You’ll be an effective storyteller, delivering complex findings in easily understood and actionable ways.
• Understanding of how to integrate design thinking/user-centered design workshops to produce robust solutions communicated through carefully crafted wireframes
• Possess experience/knowledge of a range of UX methods and deliverables (e.g. 1-2-1 lab-based testing, Heuristic evaluation, Remote testing, Tree Testing/Card Sorting, surveys, Wire-framing/Prototyping, UX/UI Design
• Understanding of Design Principles and Digital Service Standards and its application to internal products and services.

Digital Design 5-10 Years


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