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Super WinWin“ company is actively looking for an outstanding Java Script developer. .

“Super WinWin” company will not only provide an opportunity to You use your technical knowledge, but will also provide an opportunity to develop unique ideas in different projects. Company really appreciates it's employees, for this reason we would like to offer for You to establish a win-win cooperation, which consists of:
higher than average salary in the market;
perfect bonus programs and annual salary raise
compensation of gym membership
free lunch
flexible working hours

Requirements for node.js developer:
• 4+ years of experience in full-stack development with Node.JS
• Excellent experience with using DB: NoSQL, Firebase, SQL;
• Good understanding with OOP and back-end architectural logics;
• Solid knowledge with Docker or Containers, Messaging;
• Enthusiasm for Agile software development
• Game server development experience

Please send your CV to
Candidates with less experience will be considered.

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