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| HITCONTRACT | Göteborg, Sweden

For our customer, we are looking for a Frontend Developer

Job description:
We are searching for a skilled Frontend Developer for an assignment where the work is going to be centered on developing and maintaining rich client single page web applications targeting all kind of devices. As a Frontend Developer at our customer, you will be in charge of developing and testing components or parts of a larger system in accordance with the project adopted standards, definitions, and specifications.

Required skills:
• 5+ years working with development.
• Great skill in JavaScript, ECMAScript 2015, Node JS, NPM, HTML, CSS, and Git.
• Previous experience working with single page web applications using frameworks, e.g Backbone, Angular and React.
• Previous experience working in a Test-driven development fashion, JavaScript Unit Testing.

Preferred skills:
• Experience of developing web applications for small devices
• Knowledge of Gerrit, GraphQL Java, Maven and REST web services and web sockets

JavaScript 5-10 Years
TDD - Test-Driven development 1-3 Years
Single Page Application (SPA) 3-5 Years

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