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| HITCONTRACT | Göteborg, Sweden

For our client, we are looking for a Test Leader

Job description:
We are looking for a technical Test Leader with both programming experience and soft skills. You will be joining our customers' project within the automotive industry. In this assignment, we see that you are a passionate tester with a solid background in the area and with a desire to work with testing in all shapes. (manual and “hands-on” testing, automated testing, test management, etc). It is important that you are able to work in both traditional and agile context, able to understand both approaches and when which might be better for the task at hand.

Required skills:
- Technical Test Leader with at least 5 years of testing experience
- Manual testing including tools and techniques (basic and advanced)
- Test planning, test processes, and test strategies
- Test environment setup
- Programming experience, preferably C# and .NET, being confident in creating and maintaining automated test suite
- Automation framework experience, preferably with Selenium.
- Familiarity with common web technologies: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc

Preferred skills:
- familiarity and/or experienced with different types of testing, e.g. performance testing, pen testing, etc
- It’s a plus if you have experience from DevOps and microservices.

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