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For our client, we are looking for a Software Engineer

Job description:
We are looking for a Software Engineer to join our customers' agile team responsible for the technical area of their Infotainment basetech. The main tasks will be:
• Support testers in test automation by using our test automation framework
• Improve automatic verdict handling for test cases by creating automatic scripts that check various different logs, analyze them and set a verdict

we believe you are a social, open, communicative and ambitious team player full of drive and optimism. It is important that you are highly customer focused and that you are driven by overcoming challenges and problems and finding solutions both short-term as well as long-term

Required skills:
• Minimum 3 years of experience working as a software engineer
• Knowledge of Programming/scripting. Python, CAPL, C, C++, and C#
• Experience of complex logs analyzing including automated verdict setting based on logs.

Preferred skills:
• Infotainment background
• Basetech competence: Diagnose, LVDS, FlexRay, Ethernet, CAN, LIN)
• Tools: CANoe/CANalyzer, Wireshark
• General experience in testing
• Agile development process

Software Engineer 5-10 Years

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