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| HITCONTRACT | Göteborg, Sweden

For our client, we are looking for a Build master

Job description:
We are looking for a Consultant with knowledge if continuous integration and delivery for a role as Build master. You will join our customers' cross-functional development team working with agile development. We see that you are an experienced DevOps profile with both system administration knowledge and programming experience or depth in one of the two. The function of Build Master exists in every development team at our customer and it means that you should:
• Attend Build Masters’ events (typical is every 2nd week)
• Collaborate with other Build Masters on maintaining and improving our customers build system, continuous integration practices
• Develop features with the development team

You will be using some if not all of the following software to accomplish the role:
• Maven – turning source into binaries and packages
• Jenkins (and GoCD) – pipeline and promotion management
• Git (and Mercurial) – source and configuration version management
• OpenStack (and RHEV) – virtualization

We believe that you are committed and self-sufficient as well as helpful and collaborative. We also believe that you are passionate about keeping up-to-date with current best practices and drive and implement changes.

Required skills:
• Degree in computer science or equivalent working experience
• Fluent in English, spoken and written
• Agile mindset, embracing Scrum and continuous delivery
• Experience of Continuous Integration practices, such as automation, traceability, reproducibility e.t.c
• Experience of Continuous Delivery practices, such as automation (install, uninstall, configure), monitoring e.t.c

Continuous Integration 3-5 Years Essential
Continuous Delivery 3-5 Years Essential

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