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| HITCONTRACT | Göteborg, Sweden

For our client, we are looking for a Supplier data analyst

Job description:

We are looking for a consultant to work with data entry supporting an operational development project within our customers purchasing area. The project aims to roll out new solutions within many departments of our customers' organization. You work will be to prepare and quality assures business data that is to be migrated. The responsibilities are:
- Collect data from the business organizations globally
- Mix business data from different sources
- Structure and sort the business data
- Present progress of business data collection to organizations
- Hand over quality assured business data to IT department for migration

We believe that you are structured, analytical and easy to learn. The role demands you to be self-driven, taking own initiatives and able to handle much and complex data.

Required skills:
• Very good in MS Excel
- pivot sorting incl power pivot
- Formula usage e.g. VLOOKUP, CONCACENATE
- Sortings
- Shared files
• Good in MS office tools
- Outlook & Powerpoint
• Fluent in English, both spoken and written.

Preferred skills:
• Experience from similar migration preparation work

Data Analyst 1-3 Years

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