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| HITCONTRACT | Stockholm, Sweden

For our client, we are looking for a Senior IT Analyst

Job description:

We are looking for 2 Senior IT analysts to work within KYC applications project in the following role:

The role is to assist business projects to find solutions to business requirements by developing existing application portfolio. You will be the link between business projects and IT delivery to understand the business needs and possible system support solutions. Required skills include:

  • Requirement handling
  • Communication and stakeholder management
  • AML and KYC experience
  • Agile project delivery. Nordea applies SAFe principles.

We prefer a consultant that has had a similar role in the larger bank.

IT analyst 1 is to work within KYC Applications – Case management project hence it would be the beneficiary if the applicant has knowledge in creating solutions for Case management.

IT analyst 2 is to work within KYC Applications and focus on helping the business to handle the gaps for new KYC standards.

Business Analyst 1-3 Years
Bank & Finance 1-3 Years

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