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| HITCONTRACT | Malmö/Lund, Sweden

For our customer, we are looking for a Big Data Tools Developer

System Information is a unit that provides solutions for the collection, analysis, and visualization of data from various sources. The data amounts involved are huge and we constantly work on managing the continuous growth both from a system and user perspective. We base our offering on a mix of the latest Open Source offerings and proprietary solutions, with development and daily operations managed by small teams of engineers using agile ways of working and Cloud deployment.

We are now looking for a new engineer to join our team. Typical daily tasks related to the entire handling of our solutions in this area, i.e. requirements analysis, design, implementation, test, documentation, maintenance, and support.

You are expected to have a university degree in Computer Science or similar, have good communication skills and enjoy working individually as well as in teams. Your level of professional experience is of high interest although your personality in terms of being innovative, eager to learn, self-driven and passionate about your work is equally important.

You need to be skilled in the following areas:
- Linux programming and Linux System Administration (Ubuntu)
- Excellent programming skills, specifically in Python
- Amazon Web Services
- Agile ways of working

Experience in the following areas is considered to be an advantage:
- Tools development in general
- IT Automation using Ansible or similar
- Data search, analysis, and visualization programming, using Elastic Stack, Hadoop, Spark or similar technologies

Python 3-5 Years
Linux Ubuntu 3-5 Years
Amazon Web Services 1-3 Years

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