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| HITCONTRACT | Stockholm, Sweden

For our customer, we are looking for a VMWare NSX Consultant

Be part of developing an IoT (Internet Of Things) connectivity platform for mobile operators to provide M2M connectivity towards enterprises. It enables operators to address new revenue streams from a vast variety of devices while simplifying the process and reducing the cost of connecting them in order to benefit from economies of scale. The platform provides access to key functionalities including, for example, subscription management, device management and operator and enterprise self-service portals.

Common skills:
• BS/BA in Computer Science or other related fields
• 2-3 years of hands on corresponding experience
• Business and customer focused mindset
• Good communication and networking skills in English
• Good understanding of the lean and agile principles as well as flexibility in dealing with changing situations

We also appreciate if a candidate has:
• MSc in Computer Science or other related fields
• Excellent communication skills; strong analytical skills and a solution driven approach
• Readiness to work and thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape

VMWare NSX Specialist ( 1 FTE), minimum
Experience with VMWare NSX and IP network design. Support of setup of customer data center solution using VMWare NSX. Network design experience is required.
Good to have experience from 3+ years in data center network design and Virtualization.

VMware 1-3 Years
Network design 1-3 Years


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