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| HITCONTRACT | Göteborg, Sweden

For our customer, we are looking for an IT Project Manager

Job description:
We are looking for a project manager to work with Business Intelligence and Analytics. The role will put you in charge for one of our customers' projects where you will focus on making existing data fast and easily available for analytics and decision support purpose. The goal is to create a solution that enables the creation of personalized reports and analytics.

The role will leave you in charge of:
• Project leadership.
• Managing the planning and requirements for the BI&A delivery.
• Investigation and documentation of Business needs.
• Detailed specification of selected Use Case.
• Evaluation of analytic method and tools.
• Lead development for delivering a solution of selected Use Case.

Required skills:
• Previous experience of Project management role, at least 4 years of experience.
• Domain knowledge of Retail, Information management, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Master data and Usability.

Program Management 3-5 Years
Business Intelligence (BI) 3-5 Years

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