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| HITCONTRACT | Helsingborg, Sweden

For our client, we are looking for an Oracle BAM -Expert.

Integration Service Centre provides a crucial part of the shared services in client Business Solutions and delivers integrations, mainly based on the client Integration Platform. We are currently located in Sweden and Germany, with additional development- and maintenance resources in India. We are in the need of reinforcing the resource capacity when it comes to deep technical knowledge in order to support the client organization with solutions.

Job description:
You will together with the other members of the product team, create releases of the monitoring solutions used for the integration platform.
- LCM work of releasing the Oracle BAM (Business Activity Monitoring),
- Creating the necessary documentation artifacts for the release,
- Expert BAM advisor to projects and internally at Integration Service Center.
- The consultant will be considered a subject matter expert within the team.
- Development of BAM dashboards is also a possible task.

Required skills:
- Oracle BAM - Senior 5-10years
- Oracle DBA - Senior 5-10years
- Oracle RAC- Junior 3-4 years
- Life Cycle Manager 3-4 years

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