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VistaDraft is a funded legal tech company that is transforming the way legal professionals work. We are developing a patent pending technology that transforms how lawyers read, draft and analyze complex, business-critical contracts. Think of a combination of Eclipse/VisualStudio and Tableau for lawyers.

Based in London, we are a small, experienced team of talented, highly driven individuals with entrepreneurial, legal, investment banking and software development experience. We work with lawyers, technology leaders, and adjacent discipline specialist to deliver the breakthrough in legal space.

Being at a very exciting stage of growth, we are now looking to hire a Java/Phyton/PHP/.NET/Lucene Developer.

Your skills:

1. Core Java or Python or PHP or .NET development - min 5 years;
2. Advanced skills in data structures, algorithms and data normalization;
3. Deep understanding of search related data structures and algorithms;
4. Lucene text and faceted search - not essential, but preferred;
5. Elasticsearch or Solr search Application server - not essential;
6. Data serialization, protobuf, thrift;
7. Test driven development, Git;
8. Shell scripting.

Your background:

1. Excellent hands-on developer with experience from blue chip Java/Python/PHP/.NET consultancy, engineering driven product company, or independent contracting;
2. Demonstrable interest in custom software development - we hope you can demonstrate software code you have written;
3. Worked in a small Agile team before;
4. Java certification highly preferred;
5. Master or Ph.D. degree in Computer Sciences or Physics or Math is highly preferred

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