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| HITCONTRACT | Copenhagen, Denmark

For our customer, we are looking for a DataStage consultant

Job description:

DataStage consultant needed to handle the following tasks:

• Install/patch/migrate the IBM Information Server
• Post installation and migration configuration tasks
• Stop/Start the Information Server services
• Setup and monitor connections with different data sources
• Create/modify/delete Datastage projects and configuration files
• Grant rights and privileges to the Information Server users
• Monitor and improve server resources allocation and utilization
• Expertise capacity plan and workload management of the server
• Kill/remove file, jobs and memory locks and specific processes

Datastage 3-5 Years;
IBM Information Server 3-5 Years.

Poland, Preferred Warsaw, Gdansk, Gdynia, Lodz;
Sweden, Stockholm;
Finland, Helsinki;
Norway, Olso;
Denmark, all premises.

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