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| HITCONTRACT | Stockholm, Sweden

For our customer, we are looking for a Business Tester.

Job description:
“New” requirements concerning the Standard Report in Sweden (SFSA) – harmonization with IFRS9.
One person is needed for technical testing (SIT), developing test scope, time plan and doing test execution
These are the changes, which are implemented and need to be tested:

Review of Hierarchy and Check that all new accounts are uploaded and mapped to the correct location
- Change in SIMREP that we will use ROOT 88 instead of ROOT 15
- Rebuild rules in MDS
- Build a new report package in CDM
- All variable codes will be changed
- New reporting method, today we pick out a text file from CDM and load into FI via the system "Periodic Reporting". FI will now change to a new system of reporting via the web. CDM "out file" has to be customized so that it can be retrieved from FI via the new system.

Required skills:
Requirments Analysis/Managment 3-5 years
Tester 1-3 years
CDM 1-3 years
MDS (Master Data Services, Microsoft) 1-3 years
Bank & Finance 1-3 years

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