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Pilnas etatas Business Analysts (Bank)

| HITCONTRACT | Stockholm, Sweden

For our customer, we are looking for 4 Business Analyst.

Job description:
Review of Hierarchy and Check that all new accounts are uploaded and mapped to the correct location
- Change in SIMREP that we will use ROOT 88 instead of ROOT 15
- Rebuild rules in MDS
- Build a new report package in CDM
- All variable codes will be changed
- New reporting method, today we pick out a text file from CDM and load into FI via the system "Periodic Reporting". FI will now change to a new system of reporting via the web. CDM "out file" has to be customized so that it can be retrieved from FI via the new system.

Resources needed:
SSL: 1 Resource
MDS: 1 Resource
CDM: 1 Resource
BO: 1 Resource

Required skills:
Business Analyst 3-4 years
MDS (Master Data Services, Microsoft) 1-2 years
SSL 1-2 years
CDM 1-2 years
Bank & Finance 1-2 years

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