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| HITCONTRACT | Czech Republic, Ostrava Finland, Espoo Finlan, Sweden

Our client is looking for two (2) Network specialists to participate in two migration projects.

The main scope in both of them is in firewall work. It includes planning, implementing and migrating existing firewall environments to new locations of the client's datacentre networks. There are two similar projects and the two consultants chosen may work for one or both of them. The projects are ongoing and need more hands to get them done. The project group is spread around Czech, Finland, Sweden and India. Work would be done preferably from Ostrava office (in the Czech Republic). The second option is in Finland. 100% on-site.

Required skills:
A person must have min 3 years practical experience on hand to work with firewalls and IP networks (ipv4).
Firewall vendors in scope: Checkpoint, Juniper, and Fortigate. Preferably also Cisco.

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