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| Semrush CZ s.r.o. (Vieta nesvarbu)

Greetings to our new team member, wherever you are!
We are SEMrush — international IT company. We have offices in Russia, USA, Czech Republic, and Cyprus. We have created a unique tool for professionals in the field of internet marketing. Our end users - Internet marketers, analysts and simple website owners who want to assess the situation of their product on the web, and track activity competitiveness.
Right now for our office in Prague we are looking for a UX designer. You will have the opportunity to work together with leading engineers of SEMrush and create a unique platform for analytics reference weight.

Designing user interfaces, information architecture
Conducting research, testing hypotheses
Working in a team consisting of other designers, projectors, product owners
Development of prototypes (wireframes)
Drawing layouts, interface elements, companion graphics
Participation in a / b-, split-testing of new interfaces

Experience in designing highly loaded user interfaces (representing large amounts of data on a single screen)
Knowledge and understanding of the principles of usability, UX
Presence of a portfolio of the executed works (prototypes and final projects (links))
Experience in developing dynamic detailed prototypes in Axure
Argument your point of view, offer options and experiments
Fluent Russian
Good knowledge of English - good technical level

Relocation to Prague
You will be collaborating with best in class experts from around the world
Five weeks vacation, Corporate Events, flexible start / end of working hours, Individual budget for personal growth, Mobile Phone, Laptop, Contribution to sports, Education allowance
Corporate training (workshops, seminars, visiting developer conferences)
Competitive salary (named individually), excellent co-workers and approachable leadership

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