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We are a desirable high-tech company, transforming business ideas to the technical development and operating in international markets. Our unique ability to convert efforts to success reveals the importance and value of innovative approach and intellectual asset. As we are expanding our scale of international projects, we are looking for the new team members to contribute to company’s growth and technical development.

Currently we are looking for senior developers (team leads are especially welcome to apply):

Front-end developers

Essential skills:

  • HTML, JS, CSS, Ajax, JQuery
  • SEO, front-end programming skills for iOS and Android, PHP or RubyOnRails
  • Work experience with databases would be an advantage

PHP programmers

Essential skills:

*Good skills in Symfony, Zend or CodeIgniter (ability to perform the code audit)
  • Database establishment and auditing skills
  • HTML, JS, CSS, Ajax

Rails programmers

Essential skills:

  • Experience in Rails, ability to perform the code audit
  • Experience in database establishment and optimization
  • HTML, JS, CSS, Ajax

If you are a gifted IT professional with a set of programming skills and a university degree which are valued in our company and you easily find yourself in an international work environment, you are able to express your professional ideas in written and spoken English, we offer you an opportunity to join our creative team.

We also provide the ability to invest your knowledge into global businesses, improve and learn contemporary tools, create and assess your own results, be recognized and awarded with a competitive salary.

If you are keen for success, this is the right path!

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