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We at Midpoint develop world class integrated security system which is used for over 2000 locations worldwide. We use biometrics, video surveillance, license plate recognition and whole range of physical security hardware.

We are looking for .NET developer with following skills:
Passion for good code and great user experience
Knowledge of .NET, C# and SQL
Knowledge of WPF, WCF, LINQ would be an advantage
You will be developing many interesting integration solutions, working with security hardware, solving puzzles and challenges

About the company
Midpoint Systems provides software for integrated security projects. The core of the solution is electronic access control, which is supplemented by additional modules for logical access control (PC logon), time and attendance, IP video surveillance, burglar alarm, vehicle access control, biometrics, ID card design and printing, billing for paid services, and data exchange with ERP systems.

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Senior .NET developer | Midpoint security | Vilniuje Pilnas etatas

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