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We want to make our world safer and you can help us!
SuperSafe is not an early stage startup so you will not start from the early beginning.
We already have:
• Communication plan,
• Beta version of android application,
• Working android watch prototype,
• iPhone/iWatch early stage prototype,
• Web page
• 100 pre-orders.
• Potential investors, security companies who are necessary for integration of our service.
Before entering the market we need an online marketing specialist, to spread information about the mobile safety application and to help us enter the foreign markets.
As our Co-Founder you will have the chance to be a part of this project by creating online marketing strategy and implementing it. Not only you will be rewarded by a generous equity share, but get bonuses from SuperSafe sales.
You will start from commission only based salary, and will be offered fixed salary + bonuses if sales goal is successfully reached.

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