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Personal Details

Darius Galinis Contact Preference: Email: info@4adimensija.com

Tuskulenu 38-80,

Vilnius, LT09210,
Primary Phone: +370 5 263 7004
Mobile/Cell: +370 615 57676
Secondary Phone: -
Email: 4adimensija@gmail.com

Web: www.4adimensija.com


Art is my passion; I am seeking a company to catapult my abilities and knowledge to be among the most prominent 3d artists in the market. I desire a conducive and competitive working environment where I can meet other professionals, learn from them and contribute an idea too.
Work Experience
• Company :
freelance Job Title :
3d modeling, visualising Company Industry :
Visualization/3D Artist
City : Vilnius State : Country : Lithuania
From : Jun 2006 To : still working
Description : For now I work with historical buidings such as: churches, castles, old houses, etc.

• Company : Euronamas Job Title : 3d modeler and visualizer Company Industry : Modeler
City : Vilnius State : Country : Lithuania
From : Jul 2005 To : Jun 2006
Description : Individual projects modeling and visualization.

• Company : RV REalty Job Title : graphic designer
City : Vilnius State :
From : Jun 2004 To : Jul 2005
Description : modeling and visualization of investment projects and concepts.

• Company : Publishig company "Erdvetakis" Job Title : graphic designer
City : Vilnius State :
From : Aug 1999 To : Jun 2004

• Company : "Interjeras & dizainas" Job Title : interior designer
City : Vilnius State :
From : Jul 1993 To : Nov 1998

• Company : Public kompany "Komprojektas" Job Title : Landscape architect
City : Vilnius State :
From : Sep 1990 To : Mar 1993

Education Details
• Degree/Level: Masters Degree School/Program Name: Academy of fine arts Related Info:
City/Town: Vilnius State/Province: Lithuania Country: Lithuania
Start Date: Jun 1982 End Date: Jun 1987

• Skill: Rhino3d, Photoshop, AutoCad

Skill Level: Expert

Last Used:everyday

Years of Experience: 7
• Corel Advanced sometimes 8

• Language: English Proficiency: Conversational
• Language: Russian Proficiency: Conversational
• Language: Lithuanian Proficiency: Conversational


• Name: Vitalijus Visnia Title: General manager Company: Joint stock "Euronamas"
Phone: +370 656 04322 E-mail: vitalijus@euronamas.lt Type: Professional
• Name: Antanas Vaicekauskas Title: General manager Company: Joint stock „Metalo forma“
Phone: +370 698 49021 E-mail: info@metaloforma.lt Type: Professional
• Name: Dr. Napoleonas Kitkauskas Title: accademician Vilniaus Piliu direkcija
Vilnius castle departement

Additional Information

Additional Information: For addition I publishing modeling journal for kids "Techniko virtuozas". kids cutting parts of paper and combaining them together to finished model. It coud be ship, plane, tank, etc.


Photography, football, travel and cooking

Target Job

Job Type: Contract/Freelance
Target Job Title: 3d modeller/visualisator Company Size: 5-20

Company Category: Architectural Visualization Company, Architectural Firm, Interior Design Firm, Real Estate Developer Industry: Designer/Architect, Graphic Artist, Modeler, Visualization/3D Artist

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